Crane Remanufacturing


Take full advantage of the potential in your older crane models through remanufacturing. Restore productivity, capitalize on new technology, and save significantly over the purchase of a new crane. You can trust our experts for all your remanufacturing needs.

Why Remanufacture?

There are many reasons to remanufacture your crane, including continuous maintenance and repair problems, diminished trade or retail value, restoring performance and productivity, and upgrading to the latest technology. Most often, the reason is simple economics—the cost to repair versus replace. Remanufacturing is a cost-effective way to restore your aged crane at a fraction of the new machine’s price, often saving you up to 50 percent versus new.

Save up to 50%

Why MGX?

In addition to providing outstanding new and used crane sales, extensive crane rental options, genuine crane parts, and industry-leading crane service and support, we also are experts in the crane remanufacturing business. We have rebuilt hundreds of cranes from various manufacturers, gaining experience and know-how you can depend on. Guaranteed.

Our state-of-the-art crane remanufacturing centers, conveniently located across the US, are staffed with factory-trained and certified crane service professionals. Our technicians have tremendous product knowledge and the precision tools and equipment necessary to return your machine to original specifications and beyond.

Crane Remanufacturing before & after
Remanufacturing before & after


Once the scope of your crane repair is defined, the remanufacturing process is comprehensive. All critical phases of the remanufacturing are developed by a team of specialists, then reviewed, approved, and inspected by factory representatives. All major components are totally disassembled, cleaned, repaired, or replaced to meet OEM specifications. All bearings, seals, and bushings are replaced with genuine OEM replacement parts. All controls and safety devices are updated to current OSHA and ANSI standards. Finally, the machine is thoroughly inspected and tested to assure it meets or exceeds factory specification and your expectations.


All MGX remanufactured cranes, equipment, and components are protected by our exclusive warranty. All remanufactured Grove and Manitowoc cranes and components are issued a Manitowoc Factory Warranty.

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