Simplify Your Crane Life With The Mgx App

Designed to make it easier for you to communicate with us, the MGX App allows you to quickly and easily access anything you need right from your phone — in only 1-2 clicks!

  • Inquire about or get a quote for new, used, or rental cranes
  • Request replacement parts
  • Schedule routine or emergency service
  • Contact your local branch/rep

Take the First Step to an Easier Way of Doing Business.

Download this Valuable Tool Today!

Important Note: Emails sent through the MGX App will be initiated using your phone’s default email application, which can be changed as follows:

Android: Settings > Apps > Default App Settings > Email > Select preferred email app, and close window. 
(This process varies by specific Android model; you can also search for “Default App Settings” to find where you update the Email option.)