Groves Equipment Rental Upsizes Fleet with 14 New Grove Cranes

Groves Leadership Team
From L to R: Groves Equipment President Steve McReynolds; EVP Trevor McReynolds, and VPs Logan Delcambre and Don Romaine.
  • To meet evolving customer demand, 13 of the 14 new cranes cover the 100 t – 120 t lifting range, replacing the popular 90 t Grove RT890 that was a mainstay of the Groves business.
  • Enhancements to the quality and performance of the GRT range have impressed customers and quickly secured long-term rental contracts. 
  • A loyal Grove customer since the 1970s, Groves continuously updates its lineup to ensure it has the edge over competition.

You don’t get to clock over 65 years of successfully renting machinery to the oil refinery, chemical plant and heavy construction industries of the Gulf Coast without displaying a firm commitment to reliability — and that’s precisely why Groves Equipment Rental has ordered 14 brand new Grove cranes.

By replacing its smaller, decade-old range of Grove RT540 to RT890 rough-terrain models with 14 Grove cranes including GRT8100, GRT8120, and GRT655 models, the Texas-based company is maintaining its long-standing tradition of continually upgrading its machines to provide one of the most up-to-date rental fleets in the industry. Additionally, this upsizing was carried out in response to both changes in customer demand and the increase in market confidence ahead of the anticipated upturn in infrastructure projects and energy sector work in 2022.

“The 90 t – 100 t rough terrains have become the backbone of our fleet — they’re a popular size with our customers, many of whom build or do maintenance work for petrochemical facilities,” explained Steve McReynolds, president of Groves Equipment Rental, which was founded by McReynolds’ grandfather in 1955. “We’ve had at least 25 Grove RT890s in our fleet over the years, and the GRT8100 is a significant evolution of that model. Our customers especially like the new Crane Control System (CCS). It’s very user-friendly and a lot easier for diagnostics.”

Common to all current Grove models, as well as Manitowoc and Potain-branded cranes, CCS features two full-color graphic displays for easier viewing of vital settings, with an armrest-mounted joystick and jog dial for more ergonomic navigation and data input. Intuitive and easy-to-use, the system reduces the amount of training required, enabling operators to switch between crane models with ease. For example, the boom configurator feature will suggest — and, if desired, enable — the most efficient settings for lifting a specified load using the sequenced, synchronized extension capability of the GRT8120’s seven-section, full-power MEGAFORMTM 37.2 ft – 197 ft telescopic boom.

“The GRTs’ boom lengths are a major selling point for us,” McReynolds said. “After we took delivery of our first GRT8120 in December 2020, we introduced it to our customers, and the extra reach has been a huge benefit to them for core plant maintenance — so much so that we’ve secured long-term contracts with them. At 197 ft tip height, it can execute high-reach lifts but still give you a lot of versatility at a competitive rental rate.”

Unique two-year standard warranty

Despite having a much more compact carrier footprint than the RT890, the GRT8100’s greater 43 ft of tip height — courtesy of its additional boom section — and extra 10 tons of maximum capacity is an exceptional improvement that has impressed customers. The new GRT range boasts a two-year standard bumper-to-bumper warranty, with the option to extend to five years. This is further proof of the quality enhancements engendered by The Manitowoc Way, and the extensive component validation performed in its Product Verification Center.

“The range has a sleeker look with a lower center of gravity for easier transport, and the folding jib system is simpler to use,” McReynolds said. “And here in the Gulf, where high temperatures coupled with long hours in the cab can really take it out of operators, the upgraded AC system in the new full-vision, 20° tilting cab is a game-changer.”

Having offered a wide range of heavy construction equipment since its founding in 1955, the name of this fourth-generation, family-owned firm relates to the location of its Groves, Texas, headquarters, approximately 90 miles east of Houston, in Jefferson County. It also operates out of Channelview (Houston) and Sulphur, Louisiana.

The company’s name is also a coincidental tie to its loyalty to the Grove crane brand. The McReynolds have been Grove customers since the 1970s, when they purchased the popular RT52 (later RT58B) models. Thanks to a strong partnership with the local dealer, MGX Equipment Services, its fleet of Grove cranes expanded rapidly during the 1990s, supporting its strong growth in the Gulf.

“I’ve been doing this just shy of 40 years so I’m old school,” McReynolds said. “I was raised in this industry and greatly appreciate having a designated dealer in my backyard. Dependable service is the equalizing force for us — it’s vital we have the latest equipment to give us the advantage over our competition.

We supply the cranes our customers prefer.”

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